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Located in historic downtown Montgomery, Scott Street Deli & Grocery has been the lunchtime choice of the capitol city's fine people since the 1800's. 

Legend has it our first sandwiches were sold to the hard workers paving Scott Street with the cobblestones that you can still find here today. Since that time, we've put a smile on many a Montgomerians' face, from Hank Williams to Tommy Shaw to BJ Upton. 

Whether you're leading an all night filibuster or preparing to rock out the night in our downtown's entertainment district, be sure our sandwiches will provide you with the sustenance you need. 

Before the end of World War II, FDR pushed Congress to move our nation's capital to the River Region due to his love for our homemade bread. 

From what we understand, JFK met Jackie in line at our store. Around this time, Bear Bryant and Shug Jordan both utilized Scott Street Deli's delicious sandwiches to entice recruits into committing to their school.

More recently, we've heard that Jamey Johnson is recording a song about our Deli. The song was actually written by Hank Williams. Hank wasn't lonesome after eating our sandwiches.

Rumor has it, that several of our Biscuits players were accused of using performance enhancing drugs after being on the Scott Street Diet. 

Elvis Presley tried to buy the recipe to our bread. Warren Buffet has attempted to buy us out. But, we can't sell out. We're here to serve you. 

We couldn't verify all of this on Wikipedia, but after having lunch with us, you'll see. 

We Deliver. We Cater. You Win. 

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